What is Klamax®

Do you wish for a long and healthy life? A robust immune system and minimized inflammation?

Klamax® is a nutrient-rich product developed from cyanobacteria found in Klamath Lake, Oregon. Aphamax is another product which contains A.F.A, a different extract found in micro-algae.

Klamax® is the potent blend of the two: KLAmin® and AphaMAX® combine to make the all-new Klamax™! Amazingly, Klamax™ elevates mood, reduces depression, as well as stimulates the release of stem cells from bone marrow.
It also includes a naturally-occurring neurotransmitter called P.E.A., also known as a “love molecule”. It increases alertness, raises energy levels and ensures you have better and more relaxing sleep.
Remarkably, Klamax® stimulates the release of stem cells at both neuronal and somatic levels, essential for both healing and skin care.
It doesn’t end there… Klamax® has more exciting characteristics such as:
• Healthier and younger-looking skin
• Support for a healthy digestive system
• Elimination of cancerous or infected cells
• Decrease in pain from inflammation via the phycocyanin pigment

And perhaps best of all, Klamax® can be used by any age group with no contraindications or side effects.


The amazing man behind this discovery…..

Stefano Scoglio, an Italian by birth, was, pursuing his doctorate in the University of Toronto when a student of his yoga class gave him a sample of the AFA capsule. He bit into it and was shocked at the burst of energy and mental clarity that he felt. That was the beginning of a long love story, that led Dr. Scoglio to become possibly the most prominent researcher worldwide on Klamath algae and its extracts.

24 years later, the love and dedication of Dr. Scoglio has produced 8 clinical trials, 10 scientific publications and 6 patents to his name. The studies have shown the effectiveness of Dr. Scoglio’s patented extracts in areas such as depression and anxiety, menopausal symptoms, ADHD, but also psoriasis, gastric and intestinal inflammation, anti-proliferative activity and, last but not least, the stimulation of neuronal stem cells and the fight against neurodegenerative diseases.

More studies are currently under way, and new scientific publications are in the pipeline, while Dr. Scoglio is also now focusing on the deepening of the research on the stem cells activity of the extracts that make up the unique, patented-protected proprietary product KlaMax® Given his long and intense scientific activity, exploring new areas of pathology without an answer from current medicine, not surprisingly, he has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2017.

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